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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Preview

Posted by on 2011-05-30

I played Dead Rising; I loved Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 innovated a lot, including a notable change to the silly radio system of the first title, yet somehow it never held my...

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Hacking/Security and Tech

No DHCP on OpenWireless

Posted by on 2014-08-04

The EFF’s first version of the OpenWireless firmware (OWrt MVP-HOPE r41336 3.10.44-6), released at the HOPE X hacker conference last month, is extremely early in development...

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Life and Random

W3TC Breaks Jetpack’s “Sharing”

Posted by on 2012-08-12

I love the W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin for its wide feature set and great performance, but damn if it doesn’t break things sometimes. A few weeks ago I spend most of a...

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Recent Posts Hacked: What To Do Hacked: What To Do


Blizzard joins the ranks of game companies deeply hit by a major hack. They didn’t just lose our email addresses, but remain just short of a Sony level incursion having lost four major pieces of user data: Email address for users outside of China. Account Security Question (ASQ) answers for North American servers. Sensitive information related to Dial-In...

CrashPlan’s “Network Blocked”

CrashPlan’s “Network Blocked”


I recently switched from Carbonite to CrashPlan as my cloud backup of choice after Carbonite’s upload throttling became too severe (I was lucky to upload 1 GB per day). Things were running great until I noticed CrashPlan hadn’t uploaded anything in about a week. The error it gave wasn’t helpful, simply “Network Blocked.” The...

STotW: Opting Out with Yahoo!

STotW: Opting Out with Yahoo!


Opting out of services goes a long way to protecting your privacy online. So, in this Security Tip of the Week, here’s how to quickly and easily opt out of targeted advertising on Yahoo! (The exclamation point is in the trademark – I’m not yelling in excitement about privacy controls, though they are pretty awesome.) First, you can actually...

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